Third-Party Risk

Talking To The Board About Third-Party Risk

If your board doesn't care enough about third-party risk, you need a strategy for communicating the importance to them. Missing third-party risk is costly, and not in all the ways you would expect. Download this insightful guide to learn more about getting your board on board.

Effective Strategies for Talking To Your Board About Third-Party Risk

In This Guide

This concise and practical guide focuses on how to communicate the importance of third-party risk to the board. 

Find out how the most effective compliance professionals are getting their board to care - and care deeply -  about third-party risk management programs.

  • Understanding the risk implications with third-party relationships
  • Benefits to implementing a centralized risk evaluation framework
  • The importance of being solutions-focused

Get everything you need to create long-lasting engagement and the right tone from the top for your third-party risk management program.