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Life Sciences and the Third-Party Threat

In life sciences, the industry's inherent nature has long made it vulnerable to corrupt practices. As a result, life sciences companies were at the forefront of third-party compliance practices a decade ahead of most industries. But now, many life science businesses are left at the starting mark. Fortunately, robust technology solutions have evolved to help life science businesses meet their third-party compliance challenges.

In This White Paper

This white paper looks at third-party risk as it applies to life sciences and reveals why these companies in particular should be ramping up their compliance programs. 

Solutions from this white paper will work specifically to help you:

  • Manage risk in a nuanced way to provide proper risk identification across large swathes of third parties
  • Integrate with other solutions to make sure that the compliance is informed 
  • Automate significant areas of the program to reduce manual labour
  • Exercise audit rights, including managing fourth party risk
  • Integrate AI in order to increase efficiency and decrease costs

Complex problems require robust solutions. This is why we created our white paper to give life science industries what they need to know about both.